Oh no, not I. I will survive.

Yeah, I made it through camping.  I came home to about 10 etsy orders (no complaints here!) and am still catching up.  I also slept a good portion of Sunday.  It could have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t sleep so well Saturday night.  I can’t imagine why. I mean, it was 37 degrees, I was in a tent with 3 other people, SOMETHING was outside and brushing up against the tent, my feet were frozen, I feel asleep in my bra and was then too cold to come out of my sleeping bag to take it off.  That seems like prime sleeping conditions.  What isn’t there to love?!

It was fun for the most part, truly.  We hiked and no one fell into the river.  No dead bodies were discovered, although we did see a van that looked a lot like the Mystery Machine so I think that Zoinks!  Scooby and the Gang may have already solved the mystery of the latest dead body.  Someone or something did steal a box of hot cocoa packets and a soft sided backpack cooler (Brian is PISSED) filled with beer.  I vote bear.  Brian thinks it was the guy on the next camp site over.  I prefer to think it was a desperate non hibernating animal and not someone that is just a kleptomaniac.  Bears apparently don’t hibernate in Florida.  Go figure.

Now, the earlier part of the day proved to be more of an adventure.  I had to be to the house of one of Eve’s friends by 6:45.  That meant leaving here by 6:15.  I woke up at 6:05.  I don’t like being awake at that hour or really any hour before 8 – which is what I consider civilized.  Noon is when I become personable.  Before that, I can’t make any promises.  I managed to get there only 10 minutes late, and not to worry because Eve and the gang were running way behind anyhow so no one even noticed I wasn’t there on time.  They were too busy running around with wet hair and wrapped in blankets saying “I’m cold” and ” I don’t think that is gonna fit in the car.”  THAT was a large wooden frame for their set.  The car in question was mine and the person saying “that won’t fit” was absolutely correct.

Now the whole reason I was pressed into service on this grand adventure of Odyssey of the Mind is because, according to Eve, the set and props would not fit in Sabrina’s mother’s van.  Sabrina being the friend and co-cast member and her mother being the coach.  So could I please drive?  I thought, foolishly, it seems, that when she said it wouldn’t fit she meant there was not enough room in the van for all of their supplies.  What she apparently meant was there was no damn way that wooden structure these brilliant children assembled was going to be jammed in anything shy of a U-haul truck (and dude- the parking lot at the school was jammed with such trucks, trailers and horse trailers.) She opened the back of my car and tried to get it to fit.  Then she tried the other direction, then from the sides.  Once she gave up someone else tried.  Before anyone else that was determined to make this damn thing fit in the car came outside she was turning on the car to unroll the windows and I was grabbing yarn out of my purse. (moral- always have yarn in your purse.  The next time someone asks me WHY I would have yarn in my purse I will have a suitable answer. Usually my answer is to say “why wouldn’t you?” which I think it perfect but it doesn’t seem to satisfy the inquiring mind. ) Surprisingly I did not have scissors in my purse.  That is an unusual circumstance and I was shocked.  Eve had 3 pair.  I taught my girl well.

So the frame was put into my car bar first through the back window and tied onto both doors so it was going all the way across the width of the car.  The large part that didn’t fit in the car was flush to the side of the car.  Everything was tied a number of times around doors, windows, and handles and I took a test run around the block at break neck speed (ok-like 15 miles an hour, this was a community and they frown on speeders.) and decided it was secure.  We made it.  I went and watched the performance in which my daughter made me giddy with pride and then gathered up the supplies that I needed to transport back and headed home.  I only needed to stop once on the highway to re-tie the giant frame.

Someone commented on how good the set was (it was remarkable) and how they “didn’t need to change a thing” when they were to compete in Orlando.  Yeah, well, I think they likely do and I think hinges may be in order.

Yeah. 39 degrees at 7 am. Let’s go camping!
Zoinks!  Scooby and Scrappy were hanging out in Florida this weekend.

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