Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse

When Brian was studying for his insurance license test I helped him.  I could tell you more about insurance than you would ever want to know.  I can tell you that you are not covered for a flood unless you have flood insurance.  I can also tell you that sink hole coverage in Florida is wicked expensive, almost impossible to get and also there is a huge deductible.  Could this post get any more boring?  Well, yes, yes, it could so hang on.

In Florida, it is required that all homeowners insurance includes Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse.  So if your house is a messed up because of a sink hole and it is only a matter of time before it gets swallowed up into the ground- possibly with you inside of it-  they won’t cover it.  If the earth under your house completely gives way and your house is sucked into the ground- then you are covered.  I’m not so sure where the line is, but there is a line.  I don’t think it is actually an all or nothing thing.

2013 went so freaking badly with us- deaths, illnesses, unexpected insane expenses, travel, surgeries, cars dying, appliances dying, strange smells…a very bad, very expensive, very horrible year.  I told Brian that the only two things we hadn’t had happen was a sink hole and a demonic possession.  So, no, they aren’t funny.  I know that if we had one our life would pretty much suck and we would be living in a cardboard box on the side of the road (luckily, I have lots of boxes and I can probably get them out of the house before it falls into the ground) but still, I find the phrase endlessly useful.

Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse is insanely amusing to say.  I use it often.  Whenever there is a loud crash and the sound of things breaking (caused by the cat that is running from the scene of the crime) I yell “Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse!”  also in response to pretty much any question I don’t know the answer to, so anything math related and also in response to any question of Brian’s that is along the lines of “what happened here?”

Anyhow, today Brian texted me to tell me that he is on a committee for the Spring BBQ at work and the theme is Catastrophe.  Is it me or is that sort of messed up?  So of course I was ALL OVER THAT.  I was looking up songs about catastrophe – I found at least 30 before I forced myself to stop cause I have work to do after all.  Then I was thinking of the games they could play.  Pin the tail on the donkey except instead of a donkey they could have like the hurricane weather pattern picture and the bulls eye would be the eye.  And my favorite one- a putting green where you have to ‘sink’ your golf ball into the ‘hole.’ I have been cracking myself up with that one all afternoon.  I told him I would make a little house that is over the hole that you have to get the ball through….

It’s this kind of thing that gets me into trouble time- wise.  I have many other things to do other than this.  In fact, this isn’t my thing to do at all.  Yet here my little mind goes.

I’m gonna go hem some napkins or cut some glass or hula hoop or something constructive now.  Or go on face book.  Most likely facebook.


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