Sing us a song.

I have noticed that I always have a song in my head.  Does that happen to everyone?  Like 100 per cent of the time.  I am also not always sure where the song comes from, but sometimes I can figure it out.  For instance, as I originally thought to write this the song “Piano Man” came to mind.  As in “sing us a song, you’re the piano man.” I woke up this morning with the song by Cheap Trick “I want you to want me” not a clue why.

At the moment I am writing a step by step tutorial for a friend on how to crochet a granny square.  While I was crocheting so I could take the pictures I had the song “Chain, chain, chain- chain of fools.” in my head because I was making chains.  I also often get the song “That’s the song of the man, working on the chain gang.” when crocheting.

Now that I am writing the text for the tutorial I have the NKOTB song about steps in my head.  I don’t know the name, but you know what I mean.  “Step one, we can have some fun, step two, just me and you” which is grammatically painful incidentally. etc. Now that I sing it a little more I remember it’s called “Step by Step” I think.new_kids320

While we are on the subject of New Kids on the Block I thought I would add a little tidbit about them.  Brian and I were discussing the first concerts we ever went to the other evening.  He thought mine was New Kids.  It was not.  It was Michael Bolton and Kenny G and that’s a story all its own and just as bad, if not worse, than having been to NKOTB as a first concert. ( Yeah, actually, worse – but whatever his was Paula Abdul)  I told him, no that wasn’t my first concert, but I did see them in concert.  I was totally over them at the time, but went with friends.  He asked why I didn’t really like them anymore.  I said, you know, when one of their albums was coming out I kept hearing that they sounded like the Beatles on this new record, and they were being compared to the Beatles (which, in retrospect, is fucked up)  and I thought to myself, why the hell would I be listening to a band that is like the Beatles or sounds like the Beatles or are the New Beatles when I can just listen to The Beatles   I remember the entire thought process, it was like an epiphany.  Seriously.  I saw the light, and the angels sang.  I remember standing in my bedroom and actually thinking that.  From that day forward I was so over New Kids and was listening to the old kids.  I have been ever since. Also, they are and were nothing like the Beatles.  I shouldn’t even need to mention that last part, but just in case someone is musically challenged- they aren’t.  No one is.  Not even each of the Beatles as a solo artist.  John was good by himself (I refuse to say with Yoko – I just block her out) and Paul is and was good, but they were nothing like when they were together.  George was ok, although he is my favorite Beatle, and Ringo is a train wreck as a solo artist.  You didn’t hear that from me, though cause he was still a Beatle and I I would still give my first born son to see him in concert. (Sorry Christian).beatles-itunes-official


When I was cutting out glass hearts the unfortunate song “achey breaky heart” was in my head.  Cause they kept breaking and I kept praying for them not to break.

When Gabrielle was complaining about her brain stem falling out last week I was singing “Me and my brain stem” to the tune of me and my shadow. Also doing a poor imitation of a soft shoe dance across the living room while singing. Yeah, I know it’s messed up.

Whenever I am baking beads or using a torch “burning down the house” is in my head. Sometimes it’s “We didn’t start the Fire.” Also messed up, I agree.  But it makes me giggle.

Sewing often brings the Will Smith song to mind.  I think it’s called Switch, but in my head it’s called Stitch. “Turn the corner and stitch, cut the thread now stitch.”

The more I write the more I realize that I really should keep some stuff to myself because I am going to end up somewhere I don’t want to be with locked doors and lots of doctors.  They also won’t let me have crochet hooks in that place, so I better go back to what I was doing, although now I want to look up all the songs I mentioned and have totally lost all ambition to write this tutorial.  Sorry Diane.  I’ll be at Amazon Music downloading like a maniac.



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