It’s been a while

It has been so long since I have written anything here that I seriously didn’t even remember what the address was.

Eve is in the smarty pants program at nerd school and needed the laptop.  Why not buy her one for her own people may wonder.  Oh, I did.  She has been through three, I believe now.  Not counting mine which she managed not to kill.  Two have truly just died natural deaths.  I bought her one JUST LIKE MINE only BETTER last year and she didn’t like it.  I also didn’t like it because I can’t remember stuff like passwords and all of my passwords were saved on THIS laptop and not hers.  Granted, many of the passwords are all the same, the one for the USPS site, however, was impossibly long and I just kept adding to it as I was creating it until USPS accepted it, so it isn’t even that I forgot the password, I don’t think I ever knew it.  To quote my son regarding itunes passwords “you need a DNA sample, a retina scan and a note from your mother to log into itunes.” He is not far from the truth there.

So Eve is all laptopped up with a different computer and I have mine back.  My excuses are no longer valid.  However, my blog really has no purpose other than to just talk.  It’s not like I specifically write about etsy or offer advice on how to make stuff.  Not that I don’t and not that I won’t, it just isn’t all about that.  Frankly, I am burried at the moment with Etsy and the less I talk about it the more I can just get done.

It isn’t as though I have offered any amazing insight into the world or write about things I read, although I read a lot.  I write reviews for Amazon and I suppose I could tell you about some of the products if you really want to know, and truly, any that really jump out at me will be mentioned I suppose.

The point is, there is no real point.  (ohmygod, am I the Seinfeld of blogs?  Crap. I don’t even LIKE Seinfeld.)  What comes to mind comes onto the computer screen.  There is little or no planning.  Any planning simply takes place as whatever event is happening is actually happening and then I am writing what I will eventually type in my mind.  There is no theme.  There is no rhyme or reason.  There is no structure.  The blog is, it seems, the perfect depiction of my entire life.  I have stopped trying to force myself to do things I don’t want to do.  They always turn out badly.  I have stopped trying to be organized in any traditional sense although I know where everything is if it is left alone (ahem, Brian) and I know if it has been moved (shall we discuss the bolt cutters YET AGAIN?) I make lists.  I lose them, then I make them again.  I do so love to cross things off lists.  In fact, I have been known to actually write something I did ON the list that wasn’t there before I did it, just so I can cross it off and give myself the satisfaction of looking at that item and knowing that was one more task accomplished.

Someday someone will come across all these notebooks of mine and think they have found all my hidden thoughts and deepest secrets.  While, that is possible- I do have those notebooks too- it is more likely to be full of single words or short phrases that have been crossed out.  Sorry to disappoint.  However, if my friends fail to follow my instrucitons to retrieve and destroy any personal notebooks or diaries or journals and someone should come across it, good luck making any sense of it.  I only write in those when I hate the world, the writing is terrible and I am angry or sad or have terrible PMS and I may very well not make any sense at all.  So really, you have either found nothing of importance or something you really, really don’t want to read.  Really, take my word for it.

This is already a long post so I will leave you with the promise that I will soon write another post about the insanity that is currently Gabrielle.  It is funny from a distance.  It is not funny when I am in the middle of it. However, even slightly removed from the situation I can see the humor so don’t feel badly for enjoying the absolute insanity of it. If I didn’t find some of it amusing I wouldn’t write about it.  So you can look forward to that.  Lucky you.

P.s. I couldn’t think of an image to fit this topic.  The topic being I am disorganized and am behind so a little “We can do it!” badassness is called for.


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