Me? Spoiled? Ha.

This will actually be short and sweet.  Well, shorter and probably not very sweet.  It’s just something that happened yesterday/ today that I wante to write down before I forget about it.  I SHOULD be in the shower right this second, but I am being passive aggressive instead.

Last night I was sewing/ doing something else that I can’t remember in the ktichen.  I have my sewing maching on the end of the kitchen counter so I can sew while standing up.  I was working on a table runner as a hostess gift for a cook out/ party/ shinding that we are going to today.  The Grandes are hosting it and they are friends of Brian’s family and have been for years.  Mr. and Mrs. Grande are friends with Brian mom (and us.) and Mike, their son, has been friends with Brian and Bros. forever.  So they are hosting this event.  They hold it every year – usually on Memorial Day weekend- but this year it is for Flag Day.  Scheduling conflcts and all.  It is elaborate and they make a ridiculous amount of food and go to an insane amount of trouble.  Hence, I try to do a couple of things for them.  One, I try to make and bring a gift.  Usually a patriotic themed something.  Also, they always send us home with left overs so I buy rubbermade type containers to replace the containers they sent home with us the PREVIOUS year that were never returned.  So I guess I am always a year behind and a year in debt.  And of course, we bring food.

So I was making a table runner for today and as I tend to do I was making it up as I went along.  I also had been to the store and bought what I needed for today.  So I was sewing and Brian came over and kissed me on the shoulder.  Then he said “you are so spoiled.”  I said “mmhmmm, yeah.  sure am.” in a totally distracted voice.  He said “You really are, you know that?”  Ok, now he had my attention.

I said, “I am standing here at 8pm making something for friends of ours for a party tomorrow.  I am rushing to do this so I can then cut your hair.  I won’t have time to cut up the fruit and stuff tonight so I will be cutting two water melons and two cantelopes and 4 things of strawberries tomrorow morning while YOU ARE GOLFING.  I am SO spoiled!” I said it jokingly and he took it as such because I really was just teasing.  As was he.  It was just ironic that he chose that moment when I was working as fast as I could to get everything done for him to say such a thing.

I wasn’t complaining and I don’t mind doing any of those things – except the hair cut.  I was SO not in the mood – but my point was that I thought it was funny that he who will be off golfing today would say that.

He left at 7.  It’s 12:30.  He still isn’t home.  He hasn’t even left the golf course. I got a whole lot more done a whole lot faster than I anticipated.  Probably because he WASN’T here.  Then he texted me and said “this one’s for Dad.” as in his dad.  His dad that died.  And tomorrow is Father’s Day and although Brian isn’t officially or genetically a father he is a father and he, of all people, deserves to not have to do anything today or tomorrow and then I felt about 2 inches tall.  Although – I didn’t give him any grief about anything for today.

But I’m still SO not spoiled.


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