Brian and I occupy the opposite ends of the political spectrm.  Well, I guess not total opposites because the longer the (I am going to use a friend’s line here) Orange Maniac is in office the more I start to privately freak out and the further to the right Brian drifts because he feels he needs to defend his Republican President even thought Brian has fully admitted that the man is insane.  So I would say I am a little left of center.  Brian is a little right of sane.

I put a Resist sign up on the wall of my Lair.  He put the a plaque of the Pledge of Allegience over the top of it.  I cracked up a little.  Then I took down his IRA (Oh my GOD, I meant to type NRA but IRA is too awesome to erase.) I took down his NRA ‘lifetime member certificate that he has framed and hanging in our room.  I printed out the Imagine Album cover and put that over the top and rehung it.  I was giggling the entire time.  One of Brian’s friends gave me the idea without realizing the seed that he was planting.  I had kind of forgotten about the NRA thing because I see it but never really see it and it is just among the many really ugly hideous things we have hanging around.  Obviously when I say we I mean him.  Brian is usually super observant and notices EVERYTHING so I had originally thought he would notice the change within 45 minutes of arriving home the first day I did it.  Which was last Tuesday.  He just noticed it last night at about quarter to ten.  He thought it was funny.  I can’t wait to see how he retaliates.

In other news I joined weight watchers so I may very well be homicidal before the end of the weekend.  Just a warning.  I”m doing ok so far, but that’s because I don’t like to actually prepare food anyhow and eating is boring so I usually just grab something easy (pop tart anyone?) and that’s how I got so I NEED weight watchers, but I have fruit in the house now.  A LOT of fruit in the house and most fruit is ZERO weight watchers points and that means I can get even fruitier than I was previously!  So I am content to eat cherries because they are just as easy as pop tarts and don’t leave crumbs.

This week has been one of those weeks where nothing I do is right.  Everything is breaking or I am sending out the wrong thing in orders or I am waiting AN HOUR for Timothy to be released from football conditioning (the coach got an earful, but how can I be mad when he says “you are absolutely right, I am so sorry and it will never happen again.” – let that be a lesson onto you.  Hell may hath no fury but a simple apology usually takes care of it.  Plus, he is really cute.  I mentioned that to Timothy and he was all “Wait till I tell BRIAN.”  Oh, yeah, he will be SO jealous.  Except not.  Neither of us is like that.

Oh yes, nothing going right. I went grocery shopping only to discover I had the wrong card with me so that took some fancy footwork at the register (when I realized it) to transfer money from one account to the other as fast as I could so I could pay with the card I did have.  So I am officially done.  I’m not doing anything else that is not absolutely necessary so today (and I read this somewhere too so I am stealing this phrase as well) will be Finish It Friday.  All my little side projects I start and lay to the side because I get orders that are more pressing and whatever.  Finishing it up.  But no glass.  Because I have broken everything I have touched this week.

I”m going to go hide somewhere with some yarn now.



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