All work and no play?

People say do what you love and the money will follow.  I don’t know about that, but I do what I love.  I suppose because of that I don’t feel the need to acquire a lot of money because I don’t need to spend it to enjoy myself.  I enjoy doing what I do every day and I realize I’m awfully blessed.

However, Brian gets his undies in a bunch about this sometimes.  He insists I do really unreasonable things like leave the house.  Or go for walks.  Or even, *shudder* house work.  I know, I know, I don’t know how I can manage to live with him either, but I love him so I am willing to overlook some flaws.  His political inclinations and his very outdated ideas on gender roles for instance. (I’m kidding about the gender role thing, we are so not that sort of household.  “Hey Brian, can you make dinner, I am in the middle of repairing this toilet.”  or “Brian STOP TOUCHING MY TOOLS!  You don’t even KNOW HOW TO USE THEM WHY DO YOU MOVE THEM?!” ) Anyhow, he has to pry me away sometimes and when I have open orders, which is pretty much always now days, I get a little panicked about walking away from them until they are done.  I’m afraid I am going to end up too far behind to catch up and I am dangerously close to that at the moment (refer back to procrastination and denial.  I have a huge amount of work, I better write a blog post!) This weekend him prying me away was not even for anything fun.  He is a slave driver, I’m telling you.

We had a tree (note: had) and it has been leaning towards the road more and more over the past few years.  My father suggested we take the Jeep and kind of back it into the tree and stand it back up straight when it is very wet outside and then stake it.  Brian firmly opposed such action.  He really has no sense of adventure.  I thought it made perfect sense.  It was getting to the point where something had to be done and Brian’s friends are a terrible influence and encouraged him to cut it down.  Himself.  Which means Myself as well.  I face timed my father just knowing my father would tell him that this was not necessary.  My father did not tell him it was not necessary.  My father said, “yup, you better cut her down.” Great.  Thanks Dad.  You would think by now he would know that when I resort to calling him for advice and put him on speaker that there is something I really want him to say to Brian which is probably the opposite of what I have already told him Brian wants to do.  My father wasn’t picking up what I was laying down.

I was told, by Brian, that there was no hurry.  Maybe we would do this in the fall.  Sometime over the course of the week the fall turned into that coming weekend.  Early.  We called the CDD for permission to do this and I can’t discuss what was said in the conversation, but suffice to say that the CDD guy advised we get this done fast and preferably under the cover of darkness.  For crying out loud.  Brian is a TERRIBLE criminal.  I told Brian that if he was using a power saw at 6 am it was going to defeat the point of keeping this all hush hush.  He assured me we would begin at 8am.

7:44 am Saturday Brian wakes me up.  He is covered with dirt.  He is covered with sweat.  He says “Honey, this is not a one person job, do you think you could help?” in the tone of voice that would indicate I had been slacking and sleeping in and just ignoring all his hard work  I tried to focus my eyes.  I said “you said 8am, Brian.  Why are you already out of breath?  How can I be expected to read your mind and know that by 8 am you mean 6 am?” which is pretty much what he did mean because he had been working at this and making almost no progress since about 6:15.

He made almost no progress because he was using a hand saw.

He tried to use the Saws All but it didn’t work he said.  Well, that would be because he wasn’t using the correct blade.

So by 8:15 I was outside and I was already hot.  We got the damn tree down, dragged the pieces into the back yard to be cut down further and then went to Home Depot to get one to replace it.  Brian said “I have to change before we go to the store.” Huh?  We are going to HOME DEPOT.  Not the theatre.  You can go to HD all sweaty and dirty.  They expect it.  They encourage it.  Don’t be an idiot.  So we went as is.

We bought a Queen Palm tree and we transported it back to the house in the Jeep with the top down.  We bungee Corded it in originally and made it about 500 feet before we realized I would have to sit back there and hold it upright as well.

All in all I kept thinking “I have freaking WORK TO DO.” and also “This is NOT FALL.  It is over 90 and I can’t breathe because the humidity is 100% and I am a GIRL.  He has TWO BROTHERS.  This isn’t supposed to be my job.” (Sometimes I Have to pull out the girl card.  Mostly when he wants me to help him carry really heavy stuff like tree limbs and also when he punches me in the arm when he is super excited about some sports play.) and when I say I was thinking these things I meant I was thinking them out loud.  In a very whiney voice.  Frequently.  In fact I pissed and moaned and complained for a good 3 hours or so.  Brian is remarkably good at pretending that I am not being a whine ass cry baby.  It’s one of the things I love about him.  Of course, it’s a double edged sword, I would really like him to NOT ignore my complaints while I am complaing because that is sort of the point.  Although it’s very nice after when he is praising all my hard work (honestly, he did so much more than I did.  I helped, I showed him power tool things like how to change blades and I did some of the cutting and carting, but he did way more and carried the heavier parts of things.) that he doesn’t mention that while doing the hard work I was being a pansy – ass.

When all was said and done, we finished this project.  There is a new tree where the old one was.  The other tree is dismembered in the back yard and I cut it down into smaller pieces while Brian finished planting the new tree and then he gathered the pieces together.  We can use it for the fire pit or projects or what have you.  Gabrielle was the opposite of helpful.  By lunch time she said “am I done helping yet?  I am hot and tired.” Oh, I see.  She basically was outside with her ipad everywhere I needed to be 3 seconds before I was there so I was tripping and catching myself constantly while carting branches.  I assured her that she had been a fantastic help and really, she should rest up.  It had been a long day.

Sunday we went to the photography museum and I still didn’t get my work done, but I am catching up today.  I get so much more done when Brian isn’t here to help me.


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